Jonah Elrod


A Tree for Everyone, and a One for Every Tree [2019] Karen Johnson, flute; John Kilkenny, percussion; Jonah Elrod, composer.

May 28th, 2018 The Night is Empty... by Jonah Elrod To learn more about the composer: My Social Media: Facebook:
The Vulture by Jonah Elrod (One Voice Project Winner) Performed by Lisa Neher, mezzo-soprano Iowa Composer's Forum Festival of New Music Decorah, Iowa

Isochron    music by Jonah Elrod, choreography by Tallis Strub. 

Performed by Angella Betina Carlos, Venezia Manuel, and Tallis Strub.

University of Iowa 24+24 Hour Concert. September 20, 2015.

Jezreel     film by Krista Hershberger, sound design by Jonah Elrod, mixed by Ken Yoshizawa, 2016.

Flood    commissioned by Rebekah Chappell, 2016.  Video time 2:45 - 7:15

Choreography: Rebekah Chappell
Dancers: Melanie Swihart, Amy Simonson, Rebekah Chappell, Autumn Eckman, and Dana Powers-Klooster