Jonah Elrod


List of Works:


    Under the Black Sun    for piano and fixed media, stereo

    We are out of water    for fixed media, stereo 

     It Means 'Light'   for fixed media; for the Cities and Memory: Protest and Politics project

    Terrene Roars    for timpani and brass quintet


    Songs from the Earth    for mezzo-soprano and C trumpet

    Doing Not-Doing    for fixed media, 8 channel

    Flood    for fixed media, stereo and dancers

    Urban Sky Glow    for solo marimba and live electronics


    Reflect without Blurring    for fixed media, 8 channel  

    Interrupted    four fixed media works in collaboration with dancers and video artist

  1.     Quartet7    fixed media and four dancers
  2.     Sliding Solos    fixed media and three dancers
  3.     Melanie in a Shrinking Box    fixed media and solo dancer
  4.     Interior    fixed media and video

    The Secret of the City    for fixed media and dancers

    Mauna Loa    for string quartet

    Isochron    for fixed media and dancers

    Four Crossings    for flute, Bb clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

    The Vulture    for mezzo-soprano

    Where the room isn't    for fixed media, stereo

    No River like Craving    for fixed media, stereo


    molto agitato    for string quartet

    Four Songs    for mezzo-soprano and percussion

    IC1223    sound installation

    Twin Dreams    for percussion ensemble

    Ancient Echoes    for solo percussion

    Solstice    for piano and fixed media

    Eco-Location    for laptop orchestra


    Amergin    for vocal octet, fixed media, and undetermined strings

   Stratosphere II    for fixed media

    Wraith    for tenor voice and piano


    A Spotless Moon    for Bb clarinet, cello, piano, and percussion

    Contingency     film soundtrack; directed by Megan Pham


    Daydream    for wind ensemble and percussion

    The Leaves are Gently Falling    for violin and cello

    Mindfulness   for orchestra


    Thousands    for string orchestra and piano

    The Inner Dialogue    for solo trombone


    Movement for Percussion

    a ghost in the room...    for string quartet


    Twins    for wind ensemble and percussion


Score Excerpts: